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The production

From the sea to Gin

Spirit of Abalone is created using a patented system of infusing abalones and juniper berries.An agricultural alcohol of organic origin, obtained from ancient Sicilian grains known as Russello and Tummina, is mixed in. It is distilled in a small copper boiler fuelled by olive and beech wood, with the addition of water from natural springs in the Peloritani mountains, and then filtered for further refinement before being bottled in batches of 1000 bottles. Ideal to drink neat at a temperature from 4 to 9 degrees, Spirit of Abalone decant Sicily in all its uniqueness.

The nose perceives a pleasant Iodide scent typical of the sea followed by the juniper berry fragrance.The mouth feels the umami released by the abalone first, followed by the juniper’s stunningly fresh aroma.In the end the umami and mineral flavour persists.

    marine scent
    Delicate and Fresh


From 98.00

A unique kind of gin: with its 40° it is ideal to consume smooth and at room temperature, but it remains very versatile, in the classic combination with tonic water or for the creation of more innovative cocktails.

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